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Today, metrology systems must exceed the demands of manufacturing. Accuracy, traceability, reliability, ease-of-use, and speed are all critical factors when specifying a metrology system. OGP offers a wide variety of dimensional measurement systems, including: multi-sensor metrology, video measuring, laser scanning, shaft measurement, optical comparators, and flexible gaging systems. OGP systems accommodate parts of many sizes, in both benchtop and floor models, with capabilities to satisfy engineering, development, and production requirements.


OGP is the world leader in multi-sensor metrology and all OGP SmartScope video multi-sensor systems are proudly made in the USA. With an OGP SmartScope you get 3D measurement data with a single set-up, a single measurement routine, and using just one fixture saving you time and improve your productivity. If you are new to metrology it may not be obvious what a multi-sensor system is, how it is used, or what impact it can have on your manufacturing process. All measurement systems use at least one sensor technology. A sensor collects data points from a part to perform a measurement; it is this detector that "senses" the part. Sensor technologies can be contact or non-contact. A sensor that applies pressure to a part (like the familiar touch probe) is a contact sensor. Non-contact sensors don't actually touch a part to measure it. An OGP SmartScope video multi-sensor system uses a camera to image the part and measure the image. OGP laser scanners measure using optics and detectors to capture laser light reflected from a surface. New micro-probing technologies, such as the OGP Rainbow Probe and Feather Probe, use innovative technologies to measure very small features. Combining any of these 3D measurement sensors on a single measurement machine makes it a multi-sensor machine.

OGP SmartScope video and multi-sensor systems are an all-in-one package; you will lower your costs and use less floor space. Operators will only need to do one setup, saving time and money on fixtures. Operators also only need to learn one software package cutting training costs and maximizing efficiency. The bottom line? Using OGP multi-sensor technology, you get more part information, which leads to improved parts and processes, and yields better quality – the quality your customers expect.

New from OGP QVI ZONE3 - The World's Most Comprehensive Metrology Software. ZONE3 represents a totally new way of working with multi-sensor measurement systems. Its built-in 3D animations clearly display relationships between parts, sensors, datum alignments, and machine tooling. ZONE3 uses CAD models and other innovative features to automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines. Truly 3D CAD enabled, ZONE3 is easy to use and can be learned with a minimum of training.

The new QVI FlexPoint is a new generation of large format multi-sensor coordinate measuring systems. FlexPoint systems offer a unique blend of precision, flexibility, and speed, to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems for large format parts. FlexPoint system are powered by QVI ZONE3 premium CAD-based 3D metrology software.

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OGP designs and produces metrology systems and software that use video, laser, and touch probe technologies to measure critical dimensions of manufactured parts.


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