Quality assurance standards have increased dramatically in recent years. Companies can only remain competitive if they deliver top-class process stability and superior quality – and all as rapidly as possible. Quality assurance and coordinate measurement technology are playing a crucial role in these processes. To stay competitive, manufacturers have been continually upgrading their coordinate measuring machines. CMMs are now being integrated directly into manufacturing as part of production processes and swift, high-performance scanning systems guarantee extremely precise measurements within the tightest timeframes. Renishaw and its probing systems have always been at the forefront of these developments. The quality of styli and accessories play a vital role in industrial measurement technology.

Renishaw precision sensors offer fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data. They are the world's leading manufacturer of touch-trigger and scanning measurement systems for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), plus the revolutionary Renscan5 5-axis scanning technology.

Users of all brands of CMM now have the opportunity to transform their measurement performance with an upgrade to Renishaw’s innovative metrology systems. Renishaw and ACT can now provide a comprehensive CMM retrofit solution, based around the proven UCC2 universal CMM controller. Call today to unlock the hidden potential of your old CMM and give it a new lease on life.

About the Manufacturer

Renishaw has been an innovator in metrology, the science of measurement, enabling measurements to be meet international standards for over 30 years.


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